Cumunista Review

Hello folks! Welcome to another great xxx game review by sex games! Today we are going to be looking at a gaming platform known as ‘Cumunista’. Cumunista isn’t a game per say, it’s actually a network featuring multiple different adult games from across a range of different genres. Read on below to see what our findings were upon testing this bad boy out in New Zealand.

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What is Cumunista?

Cumunista is an online network that features numerous different xxx adult games, it features a variety of different types of adult games ensuring that there is something for everyone on the network.

The platform is mainly suited for desktop users although you can use it on your mobile devices as well. It will work with most of the main browsers out there.

The network features a ton of steamy content and from the games we tried we encountered stunning graphics, nice sound and an overall large variety of different sex games to play around with which we could bust our nuts to.

Cumunista Review

After signing up (which was very easy and painless) the platform loaded swimmingly on our chrome browser and we then tried out a number of titles on the network.

From dating simulation games to VR sex you will find it all here on Cumunista. There is a huge range of different styled games and across the range in total there will be a genre or game with sex scenes suited to every type of sex game fan.

The graphics on most of the games were pretty detailed and I certainly managed to bust a few nuts during my 4 hours of total game-play across the network.


Some of the dating simulators on this network are huge! A few of the titles here have as big of a world as the lord of the rings trilogy! You could remain entertained on the Cumunista platform for weeks due to the vast amount of games and the amount of work which has been put into them.

Most of the games are pretty sleek and modern and up to date with today’s current climate in the adult xxx industry. The detail on the skin tone and of the body parts of the characters in the games are out of this world.

Most of the titles offer you full control in regards to the games’ dialogues and difficulty levels which you can choose from. As with most of the wonderful games that we review here at sex games Cumunista offers you games which provide multiple different sexual scenarios, different camera angles and the ability to perform many different kinds of sex positions on all different types of sexy horny women.

Cumunista Members Area

The members area gives you unlimited access to all of the games and it gives you full access to each games unique, rewarding features.

By becoming a member of the Cumunista network you are gaining exclusive access to multiple high quality xxx gaming titles and some added bonus content to boot!


Cumunista Features

Key features are the amount of different games which are available to you.

The graphics and overall gameplay in most of the games are superb. The women are super sexy.

The games on this network ran mint on our desktop PC and they performed well from our mobile devices to put the icing on the cake.

It’s free to join the platform and the process of joining itself is quick and painless.

Cumunista In New Zealand?

Cumunista has been getting rave reviews from our kiwi players and affiliates. They’ve told us that they love the range of different games which you can access on the network and as we review and let our readers know about the existence of this adult gaming network we can expect to see more New Zealanders giving it a try.

Final Thoughts On Cumunista

As a whole you are getting some pretty good value in one package by joining up to the Cumunista network due to the amount of games that you can play from one place.

The graphics and gameplay in most of the games get a big thumbs up from us here at sex games and overall we had a pretty enjoyable experience from all of the games that we tried on this platform.

We definitely recommend giving the Cumunista platform a try.

Cumunista Pros

  • Good range of different games
  • Good graphics in most of the games
  • Free and easy to join
  • No adverts inside of the network or games.

Cumunista Cons

  • English is the only language supported.

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