How Do I Make My Girlfriend Squirt?

You may be asking yourself, “How to make my girlfriend squirt?” Fortunately, there are a few techniques that will get her all excited. While some of your buddies might tell you, you need a big cock, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. You can use Push the Button techniques, the Arm Shaker, a massage, or a little pocket rocket sex toy to make her squirt. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll have her salivating for more than you ever thought possible. Read on to learn how to make your girl squirt in minutes.

how do i make my girlfriend squirt

Make her squirt by pushing the G-spot

A great way to get your girlfriend to squirt is by pushing her G-spot. Women often use finger pressure to stimulate the G-spot, but it can be exhausting and too strong. Using your whole arm to push your girlfriend’s G-spot will increase the amount of pressure you can exert while she’s exposed to you. This double stimulation means double the pleasure!

Make her squirt by using sex toys

There is an underlying societal weirdness that surrounds the use of sex toys in a relationship. After all, the role of a good partner is supposed to be enough. Sex toys don’t typically appear in traditional sex scenes, or in mainstream porn. Nonetheless, they can be an excellent addition to your sex life. The key is to find a product that both of you enjoy using, and talk to your girlfriend about it before starting the experiment.

Give her a massage to make her squirt

Providing your girlfriend with a sensual massage is an excellent way to satisfy her and give her a great pre-sex experience. This kind of massage not only relaxes her muscles, but it also releases tension. A fully relaxed woman will have multiple orgasms in less time. Here are some tips to help you provide her with a sensual massage:

Make her squirt with the arm shaker

Using the Arm Shaker to make your girl squirt can be a fail-safe way to get her to squirt. The device is similar to many other G Spot stimulation methods, but it makes use of the entire arm instead of just your fingers. You will need to hold your wrist stiff while raising and lowering the arm rapidly. The massive pressure your fingers will apply to the G Spot will cause your girl to squirt.

Give her the D to make her squirt

If you’re wondering how to make a girl squirt, keep in mind that a woman’s clitoris isn’t the only place she craves stimulation. The genitals are also her biggest organs, so they should get equal attention from both you and her. Give her a good boning to help get her to squirt.

Practice makes a squirter

If you’ve never squirted before, don’t worry. Practice makes perfect, and you’ll soon be the most exciting guy in town. If you’re not sure how to stimulate the clitoral area, you can learn how to do it by performing kegel exercises. Kegel exercises involve lying flat on the floor, bending your knees, and then raising your bum and contracting your vaginal muscles. Practicing these exercises will help you differentiate between when your girlfriend needs to pee and when she wants to squirt.

But unfortunately, your girl may just not be a squirter, while others will squirt with minimal effort. Not every woman can squirt, I’ve been with plenty of girls that can’t do it, despite giving her the D as best as I can. So, if you don’t succeed, keep trying but it may simply not be possible.

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